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Welcome to Trees Plus.  We have the perfect tree for you at our New Prague Nursery.
Trees Plus grows, sells and transplants trees that can provide instant shade.
   Whats the best location for a new tree?
What type of tree should I plant?  
How big will the tree get?

Location, type and size at maturity are things to consider when selecting the right trees for your landscaping project.  At Trees Plus, we specialize in tree growing and tree transplanting and we can help you make the right decisions when it comes to trees.

Our locally grown trees are all healthy, attractive and guaranteed for 1 full year.  Contact Us today for a free consultation!

Trees Plus grows, sells and transplants trees that can provide instant privacy.
Instant Shade More Privacy
Web Special
Greenspire Linden
4"+ caliper $275.00
Buy 2 get 10% off
Buy 3 get 20% off
Locally Grown!
1/2 Mile West of New Prague, MN
Choose your own tree and
have it custom moved to
your yard today!
   Tree Transplanting Tip
Balled & Burlapped Trees Trees Plus grows, sells and transplants trees that are healthy, hardy and guaranteed to survive.
(Evergreen, Shade, Ornamental)
Whether moving a tree from one place in your yard to another or planting trees and shrubs into a new landscape, its survival and ability to thrive will depend on how you replant it.
Do not remove the burlap or the wire basket.  Dig a hole approximately 50% wider and slightly deeper than the earth ball.  Set the plant in the hole with enough soil underneath so that the top of the earth ball is even with the ground level.  Hold the plant erect and fill in around it with improved soil until the hole is two-thirds filled.  Water from below until the hole is filled.  After the water settles away, finish backfilling.  Leave a shallow depression around the plant to collect water.  Cut the rope that secures the burlap around the plant base at the top of the root ball.
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